Ready to Start GIFFING? Here’s what you need to prepare…

f3c8d79cfd86128ea637524302e22641The dude. One scene that says it all? Just a handful of frames in motion. And the meaning conveyed… miles of it to contemplate. (Sidenote: someone needs to get these couches for the HCC.)

Here’s our plan for next week and how to prepare:

1. Monday, 3/13 = GIF Workshop. BRING COMPUTERS! And plugs. Be charged up.

2. DOWNLOAD PROGRAMS AHEAD OF TIME: And download two free programs in advance:

a) MPEG Streamclip –

b) GIMP –

These both work on either Windows or Mac. Download them from the links above.

Note: These are free, commonly used programs. Download them from their main sites. As always, be sure you’re clicking the program itself and not an advertisement that also appears on a website. (And, as always, be sure your anti-virus programs are up to date.)

3. REVIEW TUTORIAL. For a leg up on what we’re going to be doing, have a look at this tutorial (book mark it for later, too, as a reference for after our workshop, it’ll be a help.) A video on the topic is available too.

4. Finally, if you don’t have a laptop computer, try installing these programs on your home machine and give the tutorial a good read through. We won’t be able to do a loaner computer as we can’t install software on them, but you’ll be able to look on with a classmate Monday night and then go home and give it a go for our practice GIF Assignment that’s due on Sunday, 3/19.

If you — or anyone in class — runs into problems, glitches, or would like help, there’s always the Digital Knowledge Center for help! Schedule a tutorial with a student assistant there, where they offer special assistance with media projects!